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 Damn me. DAMN MEEEEEEEEE. Here is a list and brief summary (or mayhaps blurb) of the fics in progress.



[Chapter One] As A Knife Loves A Heart

Rating: G (for this chapter)
Characters: Russia, Catherine (the Great), mentions of America and Belarus

Summary: "And what is given in evidence is how I will forever be laid lower and lower until I am the very center of the earth. Then I shall have the power to destroy you and you will wonder when it will come. And that will be the day that I show you what love is."

Russia, from the 1780s to the present.

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[Fanfiction] "A Common Language" 1/2

“A Common Language”

Rating: PG

Characters: England/America, mentions of France and Canada

Summary: Rather bored of watching England and America continue to play games with each other regarding their relationship, France makes a rather worrying insinuation to set the whole thing into gear; this is the result.

Also known as: That one where they Get Together™.

Co-authored with thestorytherivertold (she writes the most fantastic England in the history of ever)!

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[Fanfiction] "A Midnight Land"

"A Midnight Land"
Rating: PG 
Characters: Prussia, Germany, mentions of Russia
Summary "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

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“But That Was Far Before You Or I”
Rated: PG
Characters: China, Russia (this is very very arguably Rochu but not really?)
Summary: Yao tells Ivan about the woman he loved during the Tang Dynasty. All Ivan can see is an excuse and a crutch. For shiningking.

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“To Turn Mirrors Into Windows” 
Rating: PG
Characters: Japan, France (France/Japan?), mentions of European and Asian nations
Summary: “At the same time, he took a bit of vindictive comfort in the fact that they, in turn, would never really understand him either.” For gizenouji. Merry Christmas, James.

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[Fanfiction] "Contagion" [1/3]

"Contagion" [1/3]
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Julio (Bolivia), Miguel (Peru), Manuel (Chile), Sebastián (Uruguay)
Summary: Demon Hunter AU! Julio learns all about the “family business”. Miguel preferred that he didn’t. Either way, stupid boys have hard lessons that must be repeated until learned.

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“We aged a hundred years, and this happened in a single hour”
Rating: PG
Characters: Russia, Ukraine
Prompt: Ivan’s feelings towards his big sister and her “cruel kindness”. For japanalisu.

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